The well-being of a person, either physically or mentally, determines the state of their health. Good health is important in allowing us to lead an enjoyable life, but, through determination, some individuals will live a full life despite disability or illness.

Free From Illness Or Pain

When a person is considered to be healthy it will normally mean that they are free from illness or pain. This can sometimes be relative, i.e. down to a person’s age. An elderly person may suffer from aches and pains, but have no illness or chronic pain, and so can still be considered healthy. Alternatively, if a young person also suffered from similar aches and pains on a regular basis, and for no apparent reason, then their health would be questioned.

Physical Health

There are steps that we can take to give ourselves the best chance of being physically healthy. These include regular exercise and a diet that doesn’t include a lot of fatty or sugary foods. Too much alcohol and sugary drinks can also have a bad effect on our physical health. While, conversely, exercising too vigorously can also be bad for us, especially from middle age onwards. Moderation is a key factor in remaining physically healthy. For people who have always been healthy, it is, however, always important never to take that good health for granted.

Mental Health

Because mental health problems are not always so easy to identify the person affected may often suffer in silence. Problems that aren’t that obvious include depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The scars for someone suffering from a mental health problem will be internal, as opposed to external. Mental health problems are often more difficult to combat than physical health issues. Whereas we can try to look after our bodies, there are some things in life that we can’t control. The loss of a loved one, or witnessing a road traffic accident, are just two examples – and things that can be a trigger to depression or PTSD.

Why Good Health Makes Life More Bearable

If we are not affected by health problems it won’t make us automatically happy, but it can heavily contribute to us having a happy life. We’ll always encounter problems in our lives, but having no health issues to deal with can make these problems easier to bear. While anyone recovering from a long illness can feel revitalised, and be more optimistic than they had ever been previously.