The Importance of Sleep for Good Health

It’s surprising how many people think that they can function on less than an ideal amount of sleep. Although needs vary from person to person, most adults need at least seven hours sleep each day and some need as much as ten hours. If you neglect to make sure you’re […]

The importance of exercise for good health

Since the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, there has been renewed interest in sport, and more awareness of its importance in relation to health. Health Benefits Regular physical activity cuts the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and other chronic conditions. It’s also been found to […]

Advancements in Health and Medicine

One hundred years ago, diseases such as polio and smallpox ravaged society. Every year, countless individuals that were otherwise healthy would succumb to a host of ailments that are unheard of in these modern times. Of course, the medical community has always striven to stay abreast of pandemics and other […]

Best ways to beat stress

Modern life has never been so stressful. What with financial strain, juggling a family and career, and health worries amongst the constant demands of everyday life; it’s no wonder the pressure can build up and bring us to breaking point. Stress affects both body and mind, and is a risk […]