Healthy Daylight Everywhere

The benefits of sunlight for the average, healthy human being are well-documented. And natural, healthy light gains more importance when it comes to a healthcare institution. Not only can natural light aid in the recovery process of a patient, it can also improve the efficiency of the staff who are on constant alert.The issue is that hospitals can be as fire-walled as office spaces, keeping them away from natural sources of light. Parans has been able to step in and provide an alternative. With patented cables that can easily navigate tight bends and other obstacles, sunlight flows through them into the rooms. The light then uplifts the interiors with an airy, ventilated ambiance. The innovative system even works during tough winters, when sunlight can be at a premium. The Helsingborg Hospital in Sweden is a prime example. With solar modules placed on the east and west façades, the precious light is captured and transferred to the premises. Another instance of the intelligent Parans system providing a real-world benefit can be seen at the Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Centre’s Neonatal Unit in the United States. Embedded in the existing basic structure, Paranslight has provided a natural, added luminosity, without any additional heat exchange, in a critical environment. Moving on from healthcare, the lighting modules have also found real-world applications in a variety of spaces that include industrial complexes, educational institutions, government headquarters and art galleries. Each space provides a particular challenge, and an opportunity for Parans to provide the benefits of a healthy light environment – especially in institutions of learning, where students can gain from an increased functioning in mental faculties. One of the most interesting uses of Paranslighting took place in the Art Gallery of Western Australia, where artist Julianne Swartz, inspired by the natural light, created an installation entitled Blue Sky with Rainbow. The installation was based on the natural light indoors concept. One might wonder why institutions and offices would even use Parans if sunlight is such a good and beneficial source. The answer is a simple one in that some rooms and buildings are so large or deep that sunlight cannot penetrate that far. In the case of office workers, many rooms are in the centre of the building with no access to windows, Parans therefore is an important addition to improve the health of the workers.Sunlight itself triggers the production of vitamin D when it touches the skin, which is great for brain health and function, overall health and lowers blood pressure to name a few positives. This can create an overall general improvement in work. A room full of sunlight promotes higher levels of productivity and can also reduce the chances of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that can occur in the darker winter months when there is a lower exposure to sunlight.