Ways to help you quit smoking

Once the habit is there, it can be hard to quit. Smoking is a notoriously complicated vice to break, but break it you can. The following article outlines a number of ways to help you quit and ensure that you have a healthier life as well. The first step is to want to quit. There is no point trying out any of the methods listed below if your mind-set is not right – you will set yourself up to fail.

For many people, the main issue is the need to have something to do with the hands or the mouth. Cigarettes use these two body parts and, as such, not doing anything with them can make them feel empty. There are a number of different ways that you can alleviate this feeling of emptiness. For example, you can chew gum, carry a coffee cup around or even brush your teeth a little more often. However, there is one great way that you can cover both these areas and not entirely remove nicotine from your body in one fell swoop, and this is with snus.

Snus is a Swedish tobacco that comes in small pouches and sits under the lip. In this manner, it can occupy the hands – some have to be put in pouches before use. Keeping it under the lip also keeps the mouth occupied. In addition, the sensitive skin here is where the nicotine is absorbed so you will still get that little boost without the need for the smoke polluting your lungs. You can even lessen the amount of nicotine intake by choosing a weaker version of snus.

Other options in this same vein include nicotine patches or even e-cigarettes. Whatever method you choose it is bound to be a slow process. Quitting is hard at the best of times without having to contend with an addictive substance.